Sunday, 23 November 2014

Tips on; Getting rid of acne. | Tips&Tricks.

A lot of teenagers and people who may be older get acne, I have it myself, I hate it. A lot. But there's nothings you can do but be patient when you do get a spot as it will take a while to get rid of it. Here's some tips I think actually work from my own experience on getting rid or just reducing the amount of acne you get.

  • Be gentle. Use a mild cleanser when you wake up and just before you go to sleep and after any sweaty workouts.
  • Don't touch it. Try not to touch your skin as the bacteria from your hands will get onto your skin and clog up your pores. Squeezing, pinching and picking your spots can lead to scars being left even when the spot has disappeared.
  • Makeup. Your makeup should be oil free.
  • Keep your hair out of your face. The oils from your hair can get onto your face so its important to wash your hair frequently but don't over do it as your hair could get drier over time. Cover your face with a towel while applying hair gel, hairspray or any other hair product. While taking a shower, wash your face last to remover shampoo and conditioner that may have run down your face.
  • Wash your face, neck and hairline twice a day. Wash your face daily, starting with warm water (not too hot as you could burn your skin) to open up your pores, do this twice then colder water to close them up. Avoid excessive washing to eliminate risk of drying out your skin).
  • Use a face mask. Face masks contain compounds that soothe your skin. Use a face mask 2-3 times a week or how many times it is recommended on the pack.
  • Drink water. Drink 6-8 glasses of water, this will help to hydrate your skin and obtain a spotless face.
  • Eat healthy. Now this one may be harder to do but try, it can really help. Eating junk food can cause more spots to occur so its important to eat healthy.
  • Aloe Vera (Gel). I highly recommend using Aloe Vera, its one of the natural ways of getting rid of acne. Its one of the things I have to put on my face everyday. I usually do it just before I go to sleep so it can work on my skin over night. Make sure to get one that doesn't have any other ingredients added into it, you can find the best ones from herbal shops or a health food shops like Holland and Barrett.
  • Tea tree oil. I've also heard Tea tree oil is good at getting rid of spots, its also a natural way just like Aloe Vera.
  • Always use moisturiser.
  •  For getting rid of acne scars; squeeze some lemon onto the area and leave it over night. Honey not only minimises the size but also fade acne scars, place some honey onto the area and put a plaster over it and leave it over night.
*All the tips above have been found online or from my own experience.

Daily Reminder; To never give up on something that you really want. 


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Tips on; Being confident and staying strong. | Tips&Tricks.

Most people are confident in there own skin which is great but there's people who aren't and you could be one. Personally I think that I'm not confident at all. I have a friend who could talk to anyone, and I mean anyone, without making it awkward at all whereas with me it would be dead silent the whole time I'm with someone new. I admit I'm not the most confident person and I know I need to work on it but it can be hard because I've been shy my whole life.  Not being confident could cause you to feel depressed, lonely and out of place. I know I'm not alone so I have some tips on how to make us more confident and staying strong.

  • Don't compare yourself to other people, be yourself. Stay focused on you. Just because someone thinks a certain way doesn't mean you should too, even its one of your friends, its ok to be different!
  • Remember that you can never change who you are. You can change your looks and likes but it will never change that fact that you are you and being you is great.
  • Get rid of self doubt, you are your own person! Building up your confidence will make you stronger.
  • Write your thoughts down. This will help you with sorting out the things in your life and to stay calm, write down what you need to do so it isn't always at the back of your mind.
  • Avoid peoples negative judgements and comments. Don't let the bring you down! "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind".
  • Dress for confidence! Don't dress to impress, do it because you want to.
  • Carry yourself with the a good posture, shoulders back, straight spine and chin forward. Its important to have good posture, it really shows how you feel about yourself.
  • Smile. It shows a lot, make people know your happy with who you are.
  • Make eye contact. It shows respect and you'll become more likable and trustworthy. It also boosts your confidence, especially when it comes to doing interviews for college/university or a job.
  • Don't let anyone get you down. If someone disrespects you, don't think about it. It will annoy them if you just ignore it, they're only looking for attention.
  • Relax. Go with the flow and don't stress the little things.
  • Be positive and look for the good in every situation. Be optimistic. The glass should always be hall full, not half empty. Always look at what you have rather that what you don't, even through the toughest time.
  • Do what you love. Life is too short to waste your time doing anything otherwise. Embrace what you enjoy. If you like something embrace it! When someone tells you that it's immature and weird, so what? Its who you are, just brush it off.
  • Don't ever measure your self worth. Ever.
  • Love yourself. You are a gift. Nothing would be the same if you didn't exist.
*All the tips above have been found online or from my own experience.

Daily Reminders; To believe in yourself and all that you are!


Tips on; Looking after curly hair. | Tips&Tricks.

If you have naturally strong curly hair or slightly curly hair and you want to keep it that way, you'll probably have to look after you hair differently than someone with naturally straight hair. Looking after curly hair might be slightly different to looking after straight hair so I've got a few tips on how to do so. (*Most of the tips can still apply to people with straight hair). 
  • Make sure you don't use too much heat. Heat can damage the ends of your hair and cause frizz*.
  • Don't wash your hair every single day. Washing your hair everyday take out the natural oils that your scalp makes and causing it to dry out your scalp and hair. Wash it every 2-3 days*.
  • Find a good shampoo and conditioner, preferably one that's made for curly hair. Like the "Flawless Curls" shampoo and conditioner by TRESemme or any other that you think works best for you.
  • If you have curly, frizzy hair avoid brushing your hair when it's dry. The brush will just pull out more hair and make it more frizzy, use a detangling spray when your hair is wet instead.
  • Forget about the towel. Towel drying your hair will just make it more frizzier. Squeeze your hair gently after you wash your hair to get rid of excess water or wrap the towel around your hair loosely instead*.
  • Use anti-frizz serum, mousse and gels for curly hair. "Frizz-Ease" by John Freida is a good anti frizz product that works for both curly and straight hair.
  • Deep condition your hair to keep you scalp hydrated. Using leave in conditioner could also help too*.
*All the tips above have been found online or from my own experience.

Daily Reminder; You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe. Trust. Let go. And see what happens.


Tips on; Getting longer hair. | Tips&Tricks.

I have long hair and its a pain to keep it looking good but I love my hair and to be honest I don't think short hair will suit me. I get a lot of people asking me how I got my hair long and how I look after it, especially at my school. So I thought why not write it down on here so all of you who want longer hair can do what I did to get my hair this length.

  • Trim the ends of your hair every 6 weeks, some people say to do it every three months but I do it every 6 weeks. This will help your hair grow faster.
  • Avoid brushing your hair when its wet, this will prevent snapping the ends of your hair.
  • Avoid dying your hair, using harsh chemicals, teasing/backcombing, blow drying and heated tools.
  • Wash your hair every second day to keep your hair smooth.
  • Don't make hairstyles to tight, this can cause breakage and your hair wont grow fast.
  • Your hair needs certain nutrients to grow long and healthy. A well balanced diet can add essential minerals, vitamins and proteins to help your hair grow faster.
  • Best foods for healthy hair: Salmon, high in protein and healthy omega-3 fats. Beans, peanuts, peas and other legumes that contain iron and zinc. Dark green vegetables that supply iron and vitamins and eggs, excellent source of vitamin B12.
*All the tips above have been found online or from my own experience.

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